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Hi everyone, welcome to my blog!

Let me tell you an inspiring story of honor and glory.

June: the idea of creating a blog springs in my little head.
Early July: I start talking about it to a couple of people.

July, August, September: ???

End of September: a fellow coworker asks me how far I am into this blog project.
I realize I was vegetating the whole time, watching all of the Doctor Who series.

One day later: I frenetically spend my whole Saturday + half of the night creating and customizing this blog…
Motivation comes in mysterious ways !

So, what is this blog going to talk about ?

Contrary to what it may seem, this is not a Ruby only blog: I just found the logo cool. This is a tech blog at the moment. I will post some day-to-day discoveries and tips and tricks, share my thoughts about software craftsmanship (or whatever this pontificating word means) and maybe talk about life as an IT professional in general.

What can I do to help ?

How thoughtful of you to ask this question. I doubt having any reader at all, but if so, do not hesitate to contribute with a comment.