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What Traffic Do You Get When Mentioned by Several Ruby Authorities?

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EDIT: Some of my latest articles have had traffic orders of magnitude larger than the one mentioned below, making the figures completely obsolete.

It looks like my latest blog post, A Diagram of the Ruby Core Object Model, has had quite a bit of a success in the Ruby community. Mostly in the educational sphere, that is, Ruby beginners (the targeted audience) but also… trainers!
Well, as long as you guys cite your sources, it’s fine by me!

It casually begins with a decent score on Reddit:

Then, the unexpected happens: I get retweeted by Matz, the creator of Ruby! I can die in peace now. Minaswan.

Finally, two weeks later, my post gets mentioned in the famous Ruby Weekly newsletter! Definitely a lot of traffic coming from there.

In terms of metrics, in two weeks, I had 5000 hits, 70 related tweets, and a couple of new followers and e-mail messages.

Overall, I am surprised and humbled by the attention this post had. It looks like people want more of this kind of visual explanations: I admit it lacks a bit on the Internet.